Personalized Tesla Vanity License Plate Idea inspired by Wall Street Bets epic short squeeze on Game Stock shares GME stock: GMESTOP

Reddit’s Wall Street Bets has taken the internet and the collect hearts and minds of the general public by storm with their assault on the short sellers of the ticker GME which is Game Stop’s stock symbol. This is actually a pretty cool and clever way to get a creative mix on the stock symbol, and the name of the business into a personalized vanity license plate.

This post originally made a crude inside joke among the Wall Street Bets camp that they spotted their wife’s boyfriends car with this personalized Texas vanity license plate.

GMESTOP (TX) wallstreet bets vanity license plate ideas b

Once struggling video game retailer that has seen its share price moon as they say on Reddit’s Wall Street Bets.

Original Post here but was removed by the poster.

Do you Like The Stock of GME?

Here are two other drivers that like the stock as well, ILKEGME, and GME.

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Whether you plan to put this on your busted ride ironically, or hang one on your brand new Lambo or other exotic vehicles you purchase that you got with your free gains we some themes for you to get fresh ideas for your vanity license plates. Money is a popular theme for personalized vanity license plate ideas, and the more gambler take on this is Reddit’s Wall Street Bets inspired ideas for personalized vanity license plates. Also check out our collection of electric vehicle personalized vanity license plates here, and well naturally Tesla only vanity license plates here.