Merry Christmas, We on 94 With It


Merry Christmas! Now stop driving like reckless assholes on public highways.


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For those of you outside of Detroit, Motor City capital of the world, a bunch of clowns have been shutting down our highways to do burnouts in their muscle cars, all while filming and posting the incriminating evidence online like the above Instagram post. Further compounding the problem is that often the “suspects” while playing in Detroit are not actually from Detroit. Requiring county, and local police agency cooperation which in America frankly is not that great historically.

The penalties for doing this reckless behavior are as far as we can tell, no driving as a bond requirement, impound of your vehicle, and charged with at least two felonies and final punishment(s) are basically pending. The driver was arrested and released on a $20,000 bond, only required to put 10% down, so $2,000 to walk the streets again while the case is sorted out in court.

It’s somewhat surprising that Detroit being in Wayne County didn’t figure out how to pursue full asset forfeiture as Wayne County has a notorious history of including a US Supreme Court Trial regarding such over zealous punishments. To be fair while we are not fans of overzealous punishments it would hurt a lot more to lose your $60,000 to $80,000+ 707 Horsepower SRT Hellcat equipped engine vehicle, or LT4 for the handful of Camaros.

However it is surprising since they have a multitude of ways including illegal gambling, intoxicated operation of vehicles to name a few.

So send us vanity license plates and be merry.