Remember gentlemen when you are out in the wild hunting for a sparkly diamond ring for that special lady, she doesn’t want a Black diamond. She’s going to judge you on the four C’s. I think this is taught to little girls during their time watching Disney Princess movies and TV Shows. It’s a grading system that they all seem to know.

The Four C’s are Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat Weight.

Also this is your warning to start saving some serious cash because in less than three months it’s the storybook time to become engaged. The other insane rule that somehow was popularized by diamond retailers is that you should spend an astounding three months or more of your salary on a ring!

So quick math, if you make $30,000 a year they expect a ring that is “worth” about $7,500. Let’s be honest, you are reading your car probably isn’t even worth $7,500.

For you fellas out there earning $100,000 a year that translates into a $25,000 ring, or essentially a base model minivan to be put onto her ring figure to be flaunted about town.