Personalized Volkswagen vanity license plate idea inspired by textiles: LOOMWGN

A loom is a machine used to make textiles, or more commonly thought of as cloth. These machines existed way before electrical power and computerized controls existed to make them completely automated. However loom’s were essentially crude computers that could run programs even before we thought of computer programming.

Not sure what a Loom Wagon is. But we are looking at it.

Looking for more Volkswagen VW inspired vanity license plate ideas?

Often fans of Volkswagen use just VW for the brand name others like German language or German culture themed ideas, or are simply fans of German brands like Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and love vanity license plates on all of these.

Volkswagen Beetle one of the top selling vehicles of all time, and it is easily one most frequently spotted Volkswagen vehicles with a personalized vanity license plate.  Look no further no matter if you call them VW Bugs, slug bugs, love bugs, beetles, new beetles VW bug’s we have an immaculate collection.