TV Show The Office WLHUNG


We loved the TV show The Office, both the UK, and the US versions.

The US version went off in ways that the UK could never match. One of the best details that they would throw in from time to time over the years was everyone’s most hated sales person on the show.

He had the plate WLHUNG which he clearly wanted to let the world know he had a nice package, if you are still lost about what WLHUNG means it translates to “well hung” a reference to a large penis. The best joke that will be sorely understood as years pass is that people ask him sarcastically oh you are a big “William Hung” fan.

So for you up and coming Generation Z kids, William Hung was a horrible, horrible singer that tried out for American Idol, and yet he was given TV show singing spots on shows like Arrested Development, and others. He became a pop culture bad singing joke.